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Brian Wines
[2003 to present]

Brian Wines is originally from Seattle, Washington. He was a trombonist for his high school marching band before being introduced to the world of ballroom dancing.

He began country western dancing in the late 80s and clogging for fun just a few years later. Brian started out in an exhibition country western dance team, but he always dreamed of being good enough to get on Barbary Coast. "Barbary Coast was always acknowledged to be the best country western dance team in San Francisco," he recalls. When he first saw them perform at the Rawhide in 1987, he knew he wanted to be part of the team someday.

Brian is a very calculated dancer, as seen here, carefully measuring his stride. As a member of the team, he is most noted for his inability to maintain tied shoelaces at rehearsals. Fortunately, this is yet to lead to any mishaps.