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Ian Enriquez
[2004 to present]

Ian Michael Enriquez was born and raised in the Philippines until 1992.  As a singer, he won an international competition in Taiwan. 

He avoided dancing like the plague until he discovered he had a knack for it in his adolescence.  He started studying African dance forms in college and eventually earned a certificate in African Heritage Performance. 

The first dance company he was in was the London Marching Boys, performing at pride events in the United Kingdom for 3 years.  In 1997, he started his own dance company in San Francisco before leaving to pursue his Masters in Counseling. 

He started taking clogging classes in July 2003 as something different to do and got sucked in by the wonderful people.  "Matt made it nearly impossible for me to say no.  Dance is something that stirs the soul and can bring us closer to our communities and I want to do my part to ensure this."

Ian works as a mental health counselor at a high school and is featured in an award winning documentary by Cambridge Educational.  He is also a big horror fan and has been in several films in that genre.