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Kyle Temple
[2006 to 2007]

Though born in Houston, Texas, Kyle has lived all along the Atlantic Coast. For the most part, calling Miami, Florida his home. He is also the eldest of 6 kids of which the first 5 were all boys! He is also a VERY proud uncle to his nephews, Austin and Garrett, and nieces, Megan and Heather.

He first discovered his connection to dance at age 11 when Saturday Night Fever came out. His mother had him dancing around the living room for her friends and he has not stopped dancing since.  In fact, he trained as a figure skater and took some ballet classes to supplement his skill building.

Forced against his will, he was dragged to the Sundance Saloon where he discovered two-stepping and cowboy boots (which he now collects).

Soon after, he crossed paths with the Barbary Coast Cloggers at a rodeo dance event.   Watching the performance was so uplifting that he could not stop smiling and wanted to be a part of sharing that gift with others. "It's the joy I feel when I'm performing- joy of life, of movement, that I hope translates and maybe inspires someone else to feel the same way.  I especially love the fact that we as a group show other men that dancing can and should be celebrated."