Press Quotes

“An exhilarating display of fancy footwork.” – Marilyn Tucker, SF Chronicle


“Excellent in all categories. I would have them represent California around the world.” – SF Ethnic Dance Festival


“Unison clogging is a thrilling experience, when done correctly…the exuberant dancers have the knack.” – Alan Ulrich, SF Examiner


“The Barbary Coast Cloggers cut loose with the joyous expression of pure dance energy. The amazing Cloggers tore the house down!” – Bay Area Reporter


“The Barbary Coast Cloggers are a hit wherever they put their clacking feet” – San Francisco Chronicle


“Full of energy, excitement, flawless technique and fun! Truly a triumph…” – Lawrence Ewing, Dance Through Time


Certificate of Honor from the City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Giving a most sincere tribute to BCC “For outstanding performance of unforgettable precision clogging. Thank you for bringing such joy and cultural awareness to the people of San Francisco.”


“The rowdiest, snappiest ensemble who seem to have leaped out of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” – Gerald Nachman, San Francisco Chronicle 

“…dancing men in tight jeans with even tighter moves!” – Santa Rosa Press Democrat


Appalachian Overdrive Show & DVD

Review published in Ballet Magazine

"My order arrived today in good condition, and the DVD absolutely blew me away. I had to stop viewing at the first intermission because I was so overwhelmed. It is so exactly what I anticipated from the Barbary Coast Cloggers! Inspiration to the Nth degree!"
Bob Purinton
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Audience Comments

"I saw you guys for the umpteenth time at the
San Jose Harvest Festival just after Thanksgiving. My
mom was visiting from Tennessee and I was singing your
praises: "Trust me Mama, you've never seen anything
like these guys back home." I forced her and my German
mother-in-law and aunt-in-law to sit and wait for the
show. And I was right. They *loved* it -- we were the
whoopin' and hollerin' foursome singing along to Rocky Top.

My family goes to a bluegrass festival every year in
North Carolina, and I'm tellin' you -- you guys just
blow away the traditional petticoat and suspenders crowd."


(Where the lights went out as we were about to take the stage)

"I'm always impressed whenever they dance on-stage, --- even with music & lights!   But I will never, ever forget this year's performance after the power failure.   I couldn't see them at all one bit (I was too far back with too many people blocking my view, as well as it being dark);  but their well-rehearsed syncopated rhythms thundering across the wooden floor felt just about as primal as anything I've ever experienced.   "Awe-inspiring", "jaw-dropping", "moved to tears" are all totally accurate descriptions of the Barbary Coast Cloggers' Sat. night performance (and this is how I felt without being able to SEE them)!!!"

Ken Gourley

Swing Dance Instructor


"You guys are lucky. You get to wear boots."
3rd Grader, SF Friends School

Last modified: 15 September, 2006