The Barbary Coast Cloggers (Company) shall provide all costumes and props except where noted.  The Presenter shall provide lighting and sound equipment, a floor suitable for tap dancing, and dressing areas.  The presenter will also provide the Company with information on the venue as requested.


The Company shall have continuous access to the stage and dressing areas from the beginning of load-in until after the strike.  The stage and dressing areas shall not be used by any other attraction, event, class, etc. once the Company has begun set up until after the final performance.


The stage, whether raised or at ground level, should be at least 32' wide by 28' deep.  The floor shall be a clean, smooth wooden floor free of wax, gaps, pits, splinters, tape or protrusions of any kind.  The floor shall not be laid on concrete.  Marley or similar type floors are acceptable.  Modular wood floors are acceptable if consistent with the above.  If it is a portable raised stage, it shall be of sound structural integrity so as not to be hazardous to the Company.  If conditions do not meet specifications, please contact the Executive Director before signing this Technical Rider.  Stage shall be swept and damp mopped just prior to all rehearsals and performances.  Please do not wax floor. Pathways from all dressing rooms to the stage shall be carpeted or covered with suitable runners to prevent dancers from slipping.  Wing space runners are important for noise reduction.


A temperature range of 70 to 80 degrees F. shall be maintained in the stage, rehearsal and dressing areas during company use.  Wing space and crossover area must be cleared of all obstacles for rehearsals and performances.  Soft goods shall be pre-hung to provide proper dark-colored masking of electric pipes and four wings on each side of the stage, and a white or blue cyclorama.



An offstage dressing room is required large enough to accommodate 7-8 dancers.  If musicians are required, a separate dressing/rehearsal room is required.  Each dressing room shall have ample tables, chairs, mirrors, make-up lights, water, cups and 1’ of costume rack per performer and adequate dressing room security to insure the safety of wardrobe and Company’s personal property.


Sound equipment should be of professional quality and consist of a CD player, technician to operate equipment, two stage monitors, a wireless handheld stage microphone and possibly floor microphones.  We have our own sound equipment available for rental, if you prefer. (If engagement includes musicians, see separate paragraph, below.)


Lighting is optional for outdoor, daytime events.  Standard for indoor venues. 


If the engagement does not involve musicians, set up, tech, sound check should take approximately 1 hour depending on lighting requirements.  If musicians are involved, an additional 2 hours is required.


If the engagement requires musicians, separate warm up and dressing areas are necessary.  The musicians require 10 inputs (5 vocal, 5 instrumental) with boom stands for all.  Four monitors required preferably with separate mixes on each monitor.  The balance should have the instruments as loud as the vocals.  All mikes should be left live at all times. 


There should be adequate security to insure privacy and the security of the Company and its property.  There will be no videotaping, sound recording or photography without the written authorization is obtained from Company Executive Director.  Ample supply of liquids as noted above should be available off stage during rehearsals and performances. Presenter supplies all gate passes and parking spaces for the entire Company.  Parking shall be reserved and as close to the theatre as possible.  Both the Barbary Coast Cloggers and the musicians have concession merchandise and will need a 6' table for display and vending in the lobby or common area.  If meals are a part of the contract, it is preferable to have it served after the performance.  Presenter shall provide 10 complimentary tickets for the Company use per performance.

Last modified: 10 November, 2004