How Can You Help?

Most of the performances we do each year include public schools and charities to which we share our passion and spirit to liven up their events at no cost. Your support allows us to continue with these endeavors and helps us to preserve the art of clogging through education, instruction, and the celebration of its tradition. We gladly accept support from anyone of like mind to help us connect more people to this valuable piece of American heritage.

The Barbary Coast Cloggers is a non-profit organization and we offer many levels of tax-deductible support:

The Flea Flickers [$35-49]


The Crab Walkers [$50-99]

Includes all of the above, plus:

  • Exclusive Barbary Coast key chain with compass and bottle opener

The Rooster Runners [$100-249]

Includes all of the above, plus:

The Kangaroo Club [$250-499]

Includes all of the above, plus:

The Mountain Goat Society [$500-999]

Includes all of the above, plus:

  • Exclusive Barbary Coast Duffel Bag

The High Horse Foundation [$1000+]

Includes all of the above, plus:



You may specify a program to direct your funds from among the following options:

General Fund- money to be used as needed by the organization to continue our charitable pursuits.

Educational Programs- allows Barbary Coast to perform at schools, museums, or other venues that wish to promote the value of education.

Instructional Programs- allows Barbary Coast to rent space and instructors to maintain clogging classes in San Francisco or teach at special events.

Production Design- allows Barbary Coast to invest money in new costumes for the company or new members, develop props for special dances, and other needs to improve our productions.

Technology Programs- allows for funding on-line outreach, advertising, and website improvements through the acquisition of software and professional assistance.

Touring- establish a fund to support travel costs for performances outside the bay area.

-or send checks to-

Barbary Coast Cloggers
P.O. Box 14393
San Francisco, CA 94114


Last modified: June 27, 2001