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photo by Holly Ireland

Dances Taught in San Francisco

Title Artist Choreographer Level Notes
Ai Se Eu Te Pego Michel Telo Darolyn Pchajek Beginner Includes Long Snake in the Grass
Banks of the Pontchatrain Nancy Griffith Matt Ellinger Beginner  
Breathe In Breathe Out Ali featuring the Lunatics Kevin Smiley Beginner video- Mussel Rock (buck version)
Doreen The Tractors Michele Millier Hill Beginner  
Eyes Like Yours Shakira Barry Welch Beginner  
Faith George Michael Michelle John-Smith Beginner Includes Easy + adaptation by Ian Enriquez
Hold Whatcha Got Ricky Skaggs Kim Brownlee Beginner video- Mussel Rock
I Only Want to Be with You Samantha Fox Kim Brownlee Beginner  
Keep It in the Middle of the Road Exile Kim Brownlee Beginner  
Lonely Akon Michael Brammer Beginner Easiest dance!
Rehab Amy Winehouse Darolyn Pchajek Beginner  
Straight Up Paula Abdul Claudia Wagner Beginner  
Stuck on You Elvis Presley Donna Neer Beginner  
Sugar Foot Rag Jerry Reed Mike Correz Beginner  
Wally on the Run Steve Martin Sarah Dwight-Gilroy Beginner  
We Will Rock You Queen Sarah Dwight-Gilroy Beginner  
Boyfriend Justin Beiber Ian Enriquez Easy Each section introduces a different type of clogging movement
Cajun Moon Ricky Skaggs Francy Oden Easy  
Cruise Florida Georgia Line Sarah Dwight-Gilroy Easy  
Dance of Love The Nylons Kim Brownlee Easy *variation by Ian Enriquez
Dumb Love Sean Kingston Matt Sexton Easy  
I'm Walkin' Ricky Nelson Darolyn Pchajek Easy  
Kissing My Love Bill Withers Kevin Smiley Easy  
Lazy Song Bruno Mars Ian Enriquez Easy Warning: Large volume of steps
Let's Hear It for the Boy Deniece Williams Ian Enriquez Easy Warning: Large volume of steps
McBrides Leahy Darolyn Pchajek Easy Warning: Speeds up significantly
Stuck Like Glue Sugarland Karen Tripp Easy  
Sweet Sweet Smile The Carpenters Donna Neer Easy  
The Tracks of My Tears Paul McDonald Ian Enriquez Easy Includes Outlaw and Duck Walk (broken down to 4 count steps)
You're the One that I Want Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta Janice Hanzel and Sue London Easy  
Ace in the Hole George Strait Carole Hall Easy + Includes Kangaroo
All About the Bass Meghan Trainor Ian Enriquez Easy + Includes Long Slur Vine & Football
Amos Moses Jerry Reed Lelia & Russ Hunsaker Easy + Includes Louisiana & Finn
The Armadillo Song John Arthur Martinez Jeff Driggs Easy + Includes Cow Tail
Belleville Rendezvous Benoit Charest Ian Enriquez Easy + Can be done as a circle dance for higher level dancers
Cecilia Simon & Garfunkel Sarah Dwight-Gilroy Easy +

Includes Samantha

video- The Lonely Juanas

C'est La Vie B*Witched Richard Willyard Easy + Includes Witch Slip
Chick Habit April March Ian Enriquez Easy + Includes High Noon
Drinking Song Hanggai Sarah Dwight-Gilroy Easy +

Includes Heaven Flare

Everyday America Sugarland Deann Norris Easy +

Includes Heel Toe Vine
Warning: Large volume of steps

Follow Me Uncle Kracker Mary Elliot Easy + Includes Clogover Toe Tapper
Heart of Glass Puppini Sisters Ian Enriquez Easy + Introduces Barrelman
If I Could Asleep at the Wheel Tandy Barrett Easy + Includes Scoot It
I'm a Gummy Bear Gummibär Andrew Perry Easy + Includes Samantha and Cowboy
Price Tag Jessie J feat. B.o.B. Ian Enriquez Easy + Includes Twisty Bounce
Ruby Blue Roisin Murphy Ian Enriquez Easy + Introduces Crocodile Walk (video- Mussel Rock )
Safe and Sound Capital Cities Sarah Dwight-Gilroy Easy +

Includes Bonanza

Something in the Water Brooke Fraser Sarah Dwight-Gilroy Easy +

Includes Samantha

Sweet Escape Gwen Stefani Richard Willyard Easy + Includes Brushover Rocker
Up! Shania Twain Janice Hanzel Easy + Includes High Horse
Walkin' On the Sun Smash Mouth Richard Willyard Easy + Includes Swing Basic

8-count steps that can be taught as two 4-count steps!

Step Name First 4 counts Second 4 counts
Brushover Vine Forward & Back: double-step. brush-slide, double-step, rock-step Vine: double-step,double-behind, double-step, rock-step
Cowboy Triple Brush (moving forward): double-step, double-step, double-step, brush-slide Rock Back (moving back): double-step, rock-step, rock-step, rock-step
Duck Walk 2 Boogie Basics: double-step, rock-behind, double-step, rock-behind Double Duck: double-step, double-step, heel-heel, snap-snap
Outlaw 4 Runs : double-step, double-step, double-step, double-step 2 Side Touches : double-step, touch-up, double-step, touch-up
Samantha Walkover: double-step, double-front, drag (back)-step, drag-step (side) Rock Double: rock-step, double-step, double-step, rock-step

Choreographer's Corner

Janice Hanzel

"I generally find music that catches my ear. It could be bluegrass, it could be country, rock, pop, oldies, christian - whatever has a great beat, fun sound and makes me want to get up and dance. Lyrics sometimes helps especially with steps. Sometimes there might be a word that has a step already created -- i.e. if I hear the word 'horse' I might be inclined to use a High Horse step. There might be a phrase that say's 'spin around' and I'll do a step that either turns you around or actually do a spin type step. Steps of course have to fit the dance - not just a bunch of steps strung together. The steps and sections have to flow together with the music."



Kim Brownlee

Kim Brownlee inspired many cloggers with his energetic dancing and fun-loving personality. Kim was a talented dancer with the Barbary Coast Cloggers, which lead him to teaching the Sutter’s Stompers Cloggers in Sacramento. The Sutter’s Stompers exhibition team was great in number and mighty in energy because of Kim’s infectious energy and natural leadership.

Kim choreographed many of the Sutter’s Stompers performance dances, which reflected his great style and grace while being intricate and interesting to watch. Kim often choreographed to music that was not commonly used for clogging, raising an eyebrow or two in the 1980s. His exhibition team proudly performed these dances, trusting in Kim’s creativity and wanting to please him.

Kim’s clogging classes were very well-attended – a place everyone gathered to dance and connect. Kim’s kindness and caring way nurtured a supportive extended family. Class time represented so much more than weekly clogging lessons. We eagerly looked forward to every minute of it.


Sadly, Kim passed in 1991 but he is fondly remembered in the hearts and feet of many of us.


Special tips on how to read cue sheets from the California Ground Pounders of Fresno.