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Holiday Cue Sheets

Title Artist Choreographer Level Notes
Reindeer Boogie Trisha Yearwood Michele Millier Hill Beginner  
All I Need is Love Cee Lo Green & the Muppets Ian Enriquez Easy + Advanced alternative steps included
Mele Kalikimaka Bette Midler Unknown Easy + Includes Cabbage (HOLIDAY MUSIC)
Mr. Santa Suzy Bogguss Kerri Orthner Easy Intermediate  
Everyday America Sugarland Ian Enriquez Intermediate 4th of July!
Grim Grinning Ghosts Ghosts of the Haunted Mansion Ian Enriquez Intermediate Halloween
I Feel the Christmas Spirit Indigo Girls Sam Gill Intermediate  
Sleigh Ride Jump 5 Ian Enriquez Intermediate  
Here Comes Santa Claus Elvis Presley Darolyn Pchajek Advanced  


Choreographer's Corner

Janice Hanzel

"I generally find music that catches my ear. It could be bluegrass, it could be country, rock, pop, oldies, christian - whatever has a great beat, fun sound and makes me want to get up and dance. Lyrics sometimes helps especially with steps. Sometimes there might be a word that has a step already created -- i.e. if I hear the word 'horse' I might be inclined to use a High Horse step. There might be a phrase that say's 'spin around' and I'll do a step that either turns you around or actually do a spin type step. Steps of course have to fit the dance - not just a bunch of steps strung together. The steps and sections have to flow together with the music."



Matt Ellinger

"I feel that clogging is first and foremost about rhythm and fun. As a very informal dance form, I like to use music that is playful and is engaging to the widest range of people possible. Music with a strong backbeat and with clear phrasing seems to support  beginning dancers in developing a strong sense of rhythm. In my choreography for performance groups, I work to have pieces build in momentum and complexity. I also work to choose movements and steps seem like they are natural outgrowths of the music, in sense making our shoes an instrument in the band. Also with performance groups, the staging should still appear informal on the surface, but a very well-rehearsed level of precision is necessary for the audience get the true thrill of the this dynamic dance form."


Richard Willyard

"My philosphy in choosing music, more than anything else, is music I like.  I try to find music that is fun and sometimes different.  I say different, as I don't always like to pick the most popular music that many other people may already be choreographing to.  Like music, the steps I choose are one's that I enjoy.  I also try to choreograph steps that flow with the music.  The only principles that guide me would be the level that I have been requested to choreograph, type of routine I'm writing, such as a workshop/convention dance or a group/performance routine, or if the event has a theme, I may try to find music and possibly steps that fit."


Ian Enriquez

"As much as I enjoy country music, I am not drawn to it when it comes to choreography. I mostly enjoy hip hop and prefer having a reggae or other international feel to it. To me, the spirit of clogging is in its ability to integrate some movement vocabulary from other cultures. This is how clogging was formed and continues to grow. By finding music that is culturally different, I have the opportunity to study new types of movement and integrate it into the clogging vocabulary. My hope is that some of these steps gain popularity in the community and find their way into the works of other choreographers."



Special tips on how to read cue sheets from the California Ground Pounders of Fresno.