Before there was Barbary Coast, there was a square dance exhibition group known as the Foggy City Squares back in the late 70s. From this group, people began looking for more ways to enjoy country dance. Members of the group wanted to learn how to clog and split off to become the Barbary Coast Cloggers in 1981. Members of the group also became interested in mainstream square dancing and in 1982, Western Star was born. Foggy City Squares came to an end the following year and was reborn as a second mainstream square dance club now called the Foggy City Dancers. If you are interested in square dancing, check them out:





Clogging Live!

We have consistently delighted audiences with our high energy spin on this rich dance tradition, which includes fast paced music, traditional steps and patterns, and a heavy, syncopated, uniform style.   

We can put together a show to meet your needs, anything  from a quick 10 minutes to a feature-length 90 minute production including a live bluegrass band! Check out our technical requirements for further information.

The enthusiasm that our show projects stirs even the most skeptical.  You can request a complete promotional package including a short video or DVD by e-mail or call us at 415-552-4541.


Instructional Program

The Barbary Coast Cloggers teaches the art of clogging on Sunday afternoons in San Francisco. It is our mission to keep the clogging traditional alive through performance and instruction. Just click on the red links for further details!

Classes: The classes start off at a beginning level at 3:30 and progresses throughout the afternoon, moving to intermediate at 4:10 and advanced from 4:50 to 5:30. Students are welcome to stay as long as they wish!

Click on classes for further details.

: Meet the minds behind the dances we teach and check out samples of their work!


Intermediate Workshops and Auditions for Barbary Coast will be happening in the Spring! Check us out if you are interested...

Educational Program

The Barbary Coast Cloggers strives to promote the history and heritage of the dance form by educating our audiences, both live and on-line.

What is clogging?
Where does it come from?
How did it develop?

Men & Dance
The Barbary Coast

We are currently seeking grant money that would allow us to bring what we do to more schools at all levels! If you would like to help us keep clogging alive, we do accept donations by mail or paypal. Thank you for your interest and support!




Cheynne Danner, has been studying under the Barbary Coast Cloggers for several years and, has taken it upon herself to clog around the city to promote the dance and inspire others to dance!

For more information on her upcoming events, click here.

Mussel Rock

Mussel Rock is a performance group developed by the Barbary Coast Cloggers and students from the Sunday afternoon classes at Rhythm & Motion.!